Neonatal Ventilation Workshop

Course Aim

The aim of this program is to provide participants with the foundational knowledge and skills required to support the management of neonates requiring respiratory support, interventions and treatments.

Program Overview

The Neonatal Ventilation Workshop is a 5-day interactive curriculum designed for a variety of healthcare providers to learn more regarding the management of neonates requiring respiratory care and ventilation support. This workshop will cover key topics such as invasive mechanical ventilation, non-invasive respiratory support, high-frequency ventilation and additional adjunctive therapies.

Participating clinicians will gain valuable respiratory support knowledge via a series of hands-on small group sessions designed to support the development of skills in a wide variety of respiratory care practices. The workshop is designed to stimulate questions and discussions surrounding treatment strategies, therapies offered, and ongoing assessment.

Benefits for Participants:

Interactive Instruction

Expand participant knowledge and skills in providing respiratory care to neonates. Neonatal-specific scenarios will be used to explore the complex nature of mechanical ventilation support including both invasive and non-invasive techniques as well as intubation, extubation and surfactant administration.

Clinical Bedside Cases

Explore clinical reasoning via daily reflection on a series of neonatal clinical cases designed to support the translation of course knowledge to patient care.

Technical Application

Develop technical competency in the application of a variety ventilation modalities including modes and settings most relevant to vulnerable neonatal populations.

Benefits for Organizations:

Advance Neonatal Care

Enhance the quality of patient care as individuals and teams acquire and use specialty knowledge and skills in the respiratory care of neonatal patients in your organization.

Sustain Practice Changes

Maximize individual and team performance through coaching and feedback that positions learners to utilize critical thinking and clinical reasoning to provide neonatal respiratory therapy care for neonates in intensive care settings.

Course Information:


5 days

Dependent on Organizational Needs


Respiratory therapy professionals, physicians, nurses, physicians’ assistants, physiotherapists, nurse practitioners and other healthcare providers

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