Scientific advances and technological developments over the last century have completely transformed food systems across the world. With the ongoing evolution of food systems at the local, national and international levels, it becomes more and more critical that dietitians at the point-of-care are well poised to support children and families navigating these complex systems.

At SickKids, the Department of Clinical Dietetics has been educating learners on the necessary knowledge, skills and judgment for dietetic practice for more than 60 years. The following programs provide learners in your organization with the core and advanced knowledge and skills specific to the nutritional care of infants, children, adolescents and the education required to support their families. These programs have been built from the foundation of national and international competencies in Dietetic Education and Practice. These curricula can be further customized to meet the specific requests and unique needs of global partners.

Additional opportunities also exist for subject matter experts at SickKids to provide your organization with advisory services regarding its paediatric dietetics program and nutrition facilities. Advisory services may be focused on paediatric nutrition infrastructure, efficiencies in clinical dietetics services, and the evaluation of current nutrition-related quality and risk management processes within your organization.

Paediatric Dietetics Training Modules

Dietitians, physicians, nurses, physicians’ assistants, and other healthcare professionals