The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and its vast network of partners and affiliates are part of a vibrant community of clinical and non-clinical professionals dedicated to sharing knowledge and providing opportunities for individuals and institutions to flourish. We understand that ongoing education and training is fundamental in maintaining the high level of knowledge and expertise our healthcare professionals require. We also know it’s important to share knowledge with colleagues around the world.

The International Education portfolio of the SickKids Learning Institute offers paediatric specialty education and training services that are customized to the learners’ specific needs, and can take place at SickKids or in their home country. Together with SickKids International and the Centre for Global Child Health, our portfolio collaborates with Canadian and international partners to build capacity and improve the health of children worldwide.

Key Services:

We hope to inspire you with endless possibilities for educational endeavors. We embrace all educational opportunities to connect your professionals with ours, in a vision towards a better world. Connect with us for more information.