Respiratory Therapy Educator Program

Course Aim

The aim of the Respiratory Therapy Educator Program is to develop educators to lead education design, delivery and evaluation in paediatric respiratory therapy thus enabling sustainable uptake of best practices within the organization.

Program Overview

The sustainability of specialty training of paediatric clinicians can be maximized through organizational initiatives designed to build expertise for educators in paediatric patient care. The Respiratory Therapy Educator Program is a fully customizable curriculum for healthcare leaders in educator roles related to cardio-respiratory patient care.

In order to ensure the maintenance of excellence in paediatric cardio-respiratory care, this 6-week program will highlight the similarities and differences between the respiratory care of adults and paediatric patient populations. The program is specifically designed to offer the respiratory therapy educator with supportive faculty development programming. This program will provide participants with the tools, skills and knowledge to integrate best practice principles into paediatric patient care and to educate staff by sharing their knowledge in a meaningful and relevant manner.

Benefits for Participants:

Customized Coaching

Customized curriculum embedded in organizational context, professional scope of respiratory practice and individual learner needs.

Leadership Development

Support and development for educational leaders to actively lead the transfer of new knowledge and expertise to healthcare professionals and teams within your organization.

Global Network

Maximize individual development through unprecedented access to SickKids faculty of paediatric education specialists and respiratory therapists.

Benefits for Organizations:

Advance Paediatric Care

Trained educators provide guidance and leadership for teams of healthcare professionals to advance their paediatric skills, enhance patient care and maximize workflow within your organization.

Champions of Innovation

Faculty development leads participants to become agents of change and sources of evidence-based practice for patients, families and staff.

Course Information:


6 Weeks: Dependent on organizational needs


Respiratory therapists or healthcare professionals delivering cardio-respiratory care.

Program Structure:

Course Delivery

Six Weeks of Customized Content Delivery and Instruction

The Respiratory Therapy Program for Educators targets experienced educators who will register in teams. The program requires a minimum of two team members from each patient care area within your organization. The course is delivered over 6 weeks and facilitated by SickKids Education Specialists and Respiratory Therapy experts. Didactic and clinical program components may be delivered in-country within your organization or at SickKids in Toronto.

Teaching Methods:

Teaching Methods

Dynamic Programming and Assessment Methods

Participants will enjoy a dynamic program based on adult learning principles that will engage them in learning via didactic presentations, paediatric case studies and regular interactive discussions with paediatric respiratory therapy experts. Participants will demonstrate learning via written assignments, demonstration and self-assessment. A team of trained subject matter experts will provide on-site coaching and mentorship to support the transfer of knowledge gained from the education curriculum into an active and habitual practice for cardio-respiratory educators.

Program Schedule:

Program Schedule

Week 1 Anatomy, Physiology & Pathophysiology
Week 2 Assessment & Airway Management
Week 3 Therapeutics & Diagnostics
Week 4 Pharmacology & Diagnostics
Week 5 Mechanical Ventilation
Week 6 Advanced Mechanical Ventilation

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