The SickKids Research Institute is Canada’s largest hospital-based child health research centre. It is a world-leader in making ground breaking advances in our fundamental understanding of human biology, and in clinical, population, and outcomes-focused research. The Research Institute is committed to improving the health of children, in Canada and around the world, through global leadership in research and discovery innovation, and in the translation of research knowledge to clinical practice.

The fundamentals of the Research Training & Development program ensure that students, fellows, faculty, and staff receive the highest possible quality of research training in preparation for a variety of possible careers. Course packages are available in Research Skills Development, aimed at developing the skills needed to become a successful researcher, and Research Career Development, aimed at developing the skills needed to seek and advance within a research career. Each package provides a set of core curriculum topics designed to build one upon the next, so that knowledge and skills increase organically within the selected topic area as learners progress through the curriculum. All programs are adaptable and can be customized to fit your unique organizational context.

Also available are two intensive workshops, one for students/fellows and one for faculty, which combine core elements from both the Research Skills Development Program and Research Professional Development Program. These workshops can also be tailored to specific groups.

In addition to these programs, SickKids senior faculty and administrators can provide your organization with advisory services aimed at helping your organization build its research program, from the level of the individual lab to the level of a research institute. Our expert advisory team is available to assist you in identifying research priorities, developing research capacity and effective human resourcing strategies, establishing and managing labs and programs, or establishing a robust infrastructure and comprehensive research program that will allow your organization to pursue world-class research activities.