International Paediatric Nursing Fellowship

Course Aim

The International Paediatric Nursing Fellowship program offers learners a full didactic curriculum and hands-on clinical experience designed to develop expert competencies in their desired subspecialty care field. The program delivers meaningful and specialized education to prepare the paediatric nurse for advanced patient care.

Program Overview

The International Paediatric Nursing Fellowship (IPNF) program at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) provides customized subspecialty paediatric education for nurses wishing to pursue a career of excellence in paediatric subspecialty care. The program is delivered over 6 -12 months, by SickKids and affiliated academic partners in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The purpose of the IPNF program is to address a global gap in advanced nursing practical fellowship opportunities, and transform nurses into paediatric subspecialty leaders and experts. This unique fellowship program provides international nurse fellows with a strong foundation for paediatric patient care.

Why SickKids?
The Hospital for Sick Children provides the best in complex and specialized care by creating scientific and clinical advancements, sharing knowledge and expertise and championing the development of an accessible, comprehensive and sustainable child health system.

The International Learner Program (ILP), certified as a Leading Practice by Accreditation Canada, is a unique international education experience offered by SickKids, since 2009. The ILP provides international clinical and non-clinical professionals the opportunity to take part in observation or practice experiences in clinical care, education, research, and corporate administration at the Hospital. The goal of the ILP is for learners to apply the knowledge gained at SickKids to their practice in their home countries. The IPNF program is the latest continuing education program at SickKids to leverage the robust processes and expertise in the ILP. Nurse fellows will be well served by ILP structures as they experience this customized longitudinal program at the Hospital.

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Benefits for Participants:

Customizable Meaningful Experiences

Individual learning objectives and desired outcomes will be achieved through ongoing assessments. In addition, nurse fellows receive ongoing one-on-one mentorship and coaching from a dedicated preceptor to ensure their needs are met.

Advanced, Hands-on Paediatric Training

During the program, nurses are trained to the highest of paediatric practice standards at SickKids and supported by our academic partners. Subspecialty areas may be in medical, surgical or critical care areas (e.g. Cardiology, NICU, etc.).

Fellowship Learning Supports

Nurse fellows receive ongoing education and support including, but not limited to: mandatory general paediatrics education, mandatory subspecialty education, and access to simulation workshops accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Competency-Based Methodology

Through initial and ongoing competency assessments, nurse fellows build knowledge and desired hands-on skills by immersing in learner-centered curriculum, both in the classroom and at the bedside. Classes will be relevant to the selected area of subspecialty.

Benefits for Organizations:

Knowledge Translation Strategy

Nurse fellows participate in ongoing coaching with a Knowledge Translation Specialist. Through knowledge translation (KT) planning, nurse fellows gain the ability to integrate new knowledge and skills directly into their local context when they return to their organization.

Expert Mentorship and Coaching

With guidance from our nursing educators, nurse fellows take a deep-dive into their own professional strengths and opportunities for development. This supports them to develop leadership competencies throughout the program.

Collaboration with Academic Institutions

In collaboration with local academic institutions, nurse fellows are required to complete at least one academic course (continuing professional development or graduate level) to complement their clinical experiences.

Course Information:


Enrollment is now open

Change takes time. As such, the 6-12-month fellowship format for the IPNF Program, supports learners as they seek new knowledge to evolve their own professional practice in paediatric subspecialty care.

The IPNF program will provide learners with clinical and academic learning opportunities via modules. These modules will be followed by brief program breaks, supporting learners to consolidate knowledge, in addition to experiencing life in Toronto, travelling home, or exploring Ontario and Canada.

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The International Paediatric Nursing Fellowship program is strictly designed for nurses with proven clinical potential in the care of children and families. Ideal candidates are supported by healthcare organizations or academic institutions in their home country.
Ideal candidates may include:

  • New nurses employed in paediatric units or healthcare organizations
  • Nurses in positions of leadership at the point-of-care in paediatric units or healthcare organizations
    (e.g. Charge Nurses, Ward Sisters, Head Nurses, Nurse Managers, etc.)
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