Drug Information Practice Experience

Course Aim

The aim of this program is to develop pharmacy professionals to provide paediatric drug information to healthcare providers, parents, patients and the public. Participants will be prepared to advocate and serve as a resource for drug information within their organization.

Program Overview

At SickKids, our Drug and Therapeutics Team serves as the expert source for paediatric formulary needs and management. This team provides ongoing support and decision making necessary to add or remove drugs to the formulary, conduct evidence-based drug reviews and consult on clinical practice to improve patient care.

The Drug Information Practical Experience offers a wide variety of clinical learning opportunities for pharmacists including: the delivery of paediatric drug information to a variety of audiences, processes to appraise and apply evidence-based clinical practice in drug information, and the process of adverse drug reaction reporting within the hospital. Learners will be provided with customized learning plans and dedicated mentorship. This program is highly adaptable and may be customized to fit your unique organizational context.

Benefits for Participants:

Quality and Service Excellence

Engage with hospital-based systems and processes designed to achieve program momentum and maximize achievement. Processes include (but are not limited to): providing paediatric drug information, formulary review and analysis, conducting evidence-based drug reviews, and observation of accountability structures within Drug Information Teams and the rest of the organization.

Education and Research

Explore opportunities to collaborate with other Pharmacy divisions and hospital departments to evaluate drug information needs within relevant drugs and clinical practices. Participants will be exposed to research as well as analysis and appraisal methods utilizing a variety of drug information resources.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Expand individual leadership potential and explore opportunities to foster dynamic cooperation, and strengthen participants' abilities to drive change related to formulary support and drug information.

Benefits for Organizations:

Develop Change Innovators

Support pharmacists to return with new knowledge and ideas to implement change and drive growth in paediatric drug information services and formulary use within your organization.

Diverse Global Networking

Engage pharmacy leaders in your organization to maximize their individual development through access to SickKids pharmacy faculty in a diverse range of paediatric clinical practice areas including the Drug and Therapeutics Team.

Course Information:


5 weeks
Dependent on individual learning objectives and organizational context


Professional Pharmacists

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