The Delegation of The Hospital for Sick Children of Canada Visited TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital and Signed Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with TEDA

TIANJIN, China, Nov. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/– On November 11, 2014, a 3-people delegation from the Hospital for Sick Children (‘SickKids’) of Toronto in Canada led by the Chief Executive Officer Dr. Michael Apkon and the Vice-President of the International Department Ms. Cathy Seguin paid a visit to TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital (‘TEDA’) and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with TEDA.

Guided by the director of TEDA Dr. Liu Xiaocheng, the delegation first visited the outpatient clinics, the emergency clinics, the medical and technological department, the in-patient department, the ET/CT center as well as the adult patients treatment area and children patients treatment area in TEDA, and then joined the meeting for the exchange between the two sides on the subjects of mutual visits of the medical staff, professional training, scientific research and other aspects. The strategic cooperation framework agreement was signed between the two parties on basis of broad consensus.

Founded in 1875 and being one of top three paediatric hospitals in the world, The Hospital for Sick Children has created multiple records in the pediatric field and has great reputation in the world. While providing high-quality medical service to the patients in North-America, SickKids has also been positively exploring the international cooperation programs to promote the ability of sustainable technology development of its partners.

Two years ago, the deputy director of the International Department of SickKids, Ms. Cathy Seguin, the head of the Business Development Department, Mr. Raymond King and the director of the Cardiac Surgery dept., Prof. Glen Van Arsdell, visited TEDA and had in-depth technical communication with the cardiac surgery team of TEDA on tetralogy of fallot, total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage and other diseases, which opened up the views and the train of thoughts of both sides. The surgery method introduced by Prof. Arsdell was already been put into clinical application.

Upon invitation, Director Liu Xiaocheng went to SickKids this April and met Chief Executive Officer Michael Apkon, during which the consensus was made on the establishment of strategic cooperation partnership and other subjects.

The visit of the SickKids delegation led by Chief Executive Officer Michael Apkon this time was invited by Director Liu Xiaocheng. The delegates were deeply impressed by the advanced facilities and equipment, the decent environment, the optimized layout, the humanized service, the strength on the clinical scientific research and the international management pattern of TEDA. Dr. Michael Apkon expressed that SickKids is willing to share the successful experience on cooperation with medical institutions in other regions and will make no reservation on the technical cooperation with TEDA. The strategic cooperation framework agreement incorporates mutual exchanges between the two hospitals and the training provided by SickKids to TEDA on the management and the clinic team. It is believed that the cooperation will sure to bring about the win-win situation on the resource sharing and other aspects and will further promote the development on the pediatric field in Binhai New Area, in Tianjin city and even in China.

Source: PR Newswire