Yellow Belt Lean/ Six Sigma Training+

Course Aim

The aim of this program is to provide participants with introductory training on process improvement. Participants will be introduced to the applicability of problem-solving strategies within the healthcare context.

Program Overview

The SickKids Yellow Belt Lean/ Six Sigma Training+ offers participants a two-day course that provides an introduction to philosophies and tools related to process improvement, in addition to the knowledge and strategy on how to build a culture of process improvement within your organization. Participants will be trained to improve the patient experience by focusing their understanding on what patients and their families care about as healthcare consumers. This deeper understanding will support participants to re-construct care processes to ensure the delivery of high value care for patients within efficient and impactful pathways. Learning is further consolidated through unique and exciting simulation activities to empower participants to solve problems and improve simulated products, services and processes. This training is ideal for healthcare staff at all levels of patient care and can be further customized to meet the needs of unique teams and departments.​

Benefits for Participants:

Define and Understand Needs

Ask meaningful questions about the needs of your patient population and care processes in the context of real life problems and healthcare teams.

Measure and Analyze

Collect data regarding needs and begin to consider new processes to ensure consistent care delivery and maximize use of available resources. Measure the impact of new processes from qualitative and quantitative perspectives.

Improve and Control

Design solutions targeted towards identified challenges and actively plan to sustain gains from improved processes.

Benefits for Organizations:

Advance Patient Care Efficiency

Customized curriculum to drive and improve patient and family satisfaction, and reduce waste associated with patient care.

High-Potential Leadership

Develop your staff with immediate and lasting awareness to solution-focused approaches to problems that regularly impact patient care.

Course Information:


2-3 days

Dependent on individual learning objectives


Managers, leaders and frontline staff members of units or teams in healthcare-based setting

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