Paediatric Emergency Point-of-Care Ultrasound Travelling Trainership

Course Aim

The aim of this comprehensive longitudinal program is to support organizations to achieve measurable increases in quality indicators related to patient care cost-per-bed and wait times in their emergency departments

Program Overview

The Point-of-Care Ultrasound On-Site Trainership provides organizations with a comprehensive longitudinal training model to delivery on-site instruction for physician groups over three phases on-site within their own work space. The learning experience is continued through the use of cloud software for ongoing quality assurance, personalized feedback and implementation metrics.

Benefits for Participants:

On-Site Coaching

Customized curriculum embedded in organizational context and individual learner needs. One to one coaching sessions provide unparalleled access to internationally renowned faculty on-site and in-country.

Remote Mentorship

Gain access to world-class faculty for personalized feedback and on-going support for skill development.

Competency-Based Assessment

Maximize individual and team performance through ongoing quality assurance, personalized feedback and an on-site competency-based assessment of each trainee completing the program.

Benefits for Organizations:

In-situ Feedback

Develop desired skills while immersed in the practice setting and utilize implementation metrics for real-time measurement and actionable strategies.

Hands-on Instruction

Develop in-house capacity by building to the enhancement of existing resources.

Enhanced Paediatric Care

Enhance patient care and maximize workflow as individuals and teams develop skills within their own individualized practice setting.

Course Information:


Phased Deployment

6 weeks consecutive curriculum delivery Ongoing Remote Mentorship 4 week follow-up and competency assessment


Physicians presently practicing in an emergency department setting.

Program Structure:


On-Site Faculty-Led Continuing Education

Physician groups will spend the first three weeks with international faculty leaders in Point-of-Care Ultrasound receiving individualized instruction through small group lectures and one on one coaching sessions. The remainder of the program will provide physicians with instruction embedded within their own work spaces and clinical practices.

Teaching Methods:


Remote Mentorship

Following the delivery of Point-of-Care Ultrasound curriculum, the learning experience continues through the use of cloud software. SickKids faculty will support physician groups with activities designed to support ongoing quality assurance and measurement of metrics to support the implementation of practice changes. This experience is enriched through virtual attendance at a weekly journal club, and on-site image review sessions, small group scanning shifts and procedural simulation workshops.

Program Schedule:


On-Site Follow-Up & Competency-Based Assessment

International faculty will return on-site to conduct competency and practice-based assessment of each trainee enrolled in the program. Organizations will review measurable data and consider data implications on quality indicators related to patient care, cost-per-bed and wait times. International faculty will meet with hospital leadership to structure sustainability of training within the organization.

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