Critical Care Transport On Site Trainership

Course Aim

The aim of this comprehensive longitudinal program is to support organizations to achieve measurable improvements in quality indicators related to the care and transportation of acutely ill neonates and children.

Program Overview

The Critical Care Transport On Site Trainership provides organizations with a comprehensive training model designed to assess organizational needs and system capabilities related to the transportation of acutely ill children and neonates. Program delivery occurs on site within your organization, in the context of the organizations current state and objectives for future patient care.

The Critical Care Transport On Site Trainership involves:

  • Needs Assessment and Consultation
  • Customized Curriculum and Training
  • Final Follow-up and Competency Assessment

Advisory services will focus on the development of clinical competencies, support for systems and processes, human resource management and metrics in the operation of a hospital based critical care transport program. The Critical Care Transport Program curriculum will deliver customized on-site instruction and consultation for groups of healthcare professionals with consideration of local systems and team structure.

Participants will benefit from specialized lectures and personalized coaching from SickKids experts in critical care medicine and transport. Learners will gain clinical knowledge in patient assessment and medical management of common neonatal and paediatric conditions. In order to support sustainability of training the Program will focus on knowledge translation and the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills that support the delivery of safe and effective care on transport. Participants will be assessed for competency in all components of the curriculum through a formal evaluation process.

Benefits for Participants:

Case-based Curriculum

Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills while immersed in neonatal/paediatric scenarios and transport-focused instruction grounded in the best practices

On Site Coaching

Customized curriculum tailored to individual learner needs. One on one coaching sessions with on-site access to internationally renowned faculty.

Competency-based Assessment

Maximize individual and team performance through pre and post testing, advanced skill stations, peer presentations and daily participant feedback from expert transport faculty.

Impactful Instruction

Mastery of clinical competencies relevant to the safe and efficient delivery of critical care transport. May include rapid patient assessment and triage, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and emergency management, transport specific interventions and preparedness.

Benefits for Organizations:

Comprehensive Consultation

Receive recommendations and curriculum plans via a short-term, systematic and highly detailed needs assessment of the current neonatal & paediatric transport practices in your region. Curriculum will be developed to positively impact pre-defined quality indicators related to the transportation of neonatal and paediatric patients with a focus on sustainability and alignment with organizational objectives.

Advance Paediatric Care

Enhance the quality of neonatal and paediatric medical care in the transport environment. Assist healthcare providers in the development of practical skills, knowledge and competencies, specific to acute care transport, within their own practice setting via curriculum designed with a comprehensive understanding of the regional system and infrastructure.

Course Information:


Dependent on Organizational Needs


Physicians , nurses and respiratory therapists providing transport care for neonatal and paediatric patients

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