Paediatric Respiratory Therapy Specialty Program

Course Aim

The aim of this program is to provide participants with the foundational knowledge and skills in cardio-respiratory acute care.

Program Overview

Respiratory therapists at SickKids are committed to working collaboratively within an interprofessional team to provide excellent family-centred, cardio-respiratory care to infants, children and adolescents. This goal is realized through the sharing of knowledge, expertise and experience with the healthcare team. The Paediatric Respiratory Therapy Specialty Program will examine paediatric critical illness from a respiratory therapy perspective with a core focus on cardio-respiratory health. This program will provide an advanced environment for examination and reflection of professional values and provide participants with the opportunity to develop new skills in respiratory therapy practice including (but not limited to): respiratory assessment, ventilation, respiratory interventions and technical competence. Participating clinicians will obtain and solidify the foundational knowledge and technical competencies required to deliver high quality care in respiratory therapy practice.

Benefits for Participants:

Case-based Curriculum

Develop desired skills while immersed in case-specific scenarios and paediatric-focused instruction in the respiratory care of ill and injured children.

Impactful Instruction

Train to master clinical competencies relevant to the safe delivery of care in the paediatric intensive care unit including (but not limited to): rapid response assessment, tracheotomy care, and ventilator management. Prepare to address and manage changes in the unstable paediatric intensive care patient.

Immediate Application

Develop desired skills while immersed in the organization’s paediatric intensive care setting and integrate classroom learning directly into the relevant organizational context.

Benefits for Organizations:

Advance Paediatric Care

Enhance the quality of patient care as individuals and teams develop cardio-respiratory care skills within their own individualized practice setting.

Sustain Practice Changes

Maximize individual and team performance through interactive curriculum that positions learners to utilize critical thinking and clinical reasoning to provide paediatric respiratory therapy care for infants, children, and adolescents in intensive care settings.

Course Information:


10 days


Respiratory therapists
Healthcare professionals delivering cardio-respiratory care with:

  • 6 MONTHS Working in paediatric critical care
  • 12 MONTHS Working in general paediatric care
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