Daily Continuous Improvement On-site Deployment

Course Aim

The aim of this comprehensive on-site deployment program is to support organizations to develop their staff to solve process issues and improve organizational performance.

Program Overview

The Daily Continuous Improvement On-site Deployment provides organizations with comprehensive implementation of the SickKids Daily Continuous Improvement Program directly within the context and environment of your healthcare organization. The SickKids Daily Continuous Improvement program develops staff to solve process issues and improve organizational performance through various tools and strategies including:

  • Structured and proactive daily planning;
  • Proven methods to identify and address frontline challenges and needs;
  • Communication tools to enhance frontline awareness of unit performance;
  • Methods for prioritizing large scale improvements and;
  • Utilization of data for metrics to support and move forward change initiatives.

This deployment program provides training and onsite coaching for healthcare units or teams as they develop to become organizational models for Daily CIP deployment. Participants will be provided with insight from executive CIP alumni at SickKids, including directors, managers and frontline staff. The Improvement and Innovation team will provide your organizational leaders and team members with ongoing deployment leadership over 4 months via in-person site visits, remote mentorship and support for participants to visit SickKids in Toronto, Canada.

Benefits for Participants:

On-Site Feedback

Units will be supported to prepare and deploy the Continuous Improvement Program with expert coaches from SickKids on-site in your practice setting to provide real-time support and feedback.

Sustainable Leadership

Develop in-house leaders and their capacity to roll out improvement processes and methods throughout your organization following deployment.

Enhanced Patient Care and Experience

Achieve measurable increases in patient care metrics and maximize workflow as individuals and teams develop skills to maintain the Continuous Improvement Program within their own individualized practice setting.

Benefits for Organizations:

Customized Curriculum

Customized curriculum embedded in your organizational context and individual learner needs. One-to-one coaching sessions provide unparalleled access to expert SickKids coaches on-site.

Remote Mentorship

Gain access to a dynamic group of SickKids leaders via telecommunications and cloud-based support for personalized feedback and ongoing support in skill development and measurement of quality metrics.

Enhance Team Performance

Maximize individual and team performance through ongoing quality assurance, personalized feedback and sustainability support for participants completing the program.

Course Information:


Phased Deployment

  • 4 weeks of on-site curriculum delivery
  • 3 months Remote Mentorship
  • 1 week Sustainability Support


Senior leadership executives, unit and team managers and frontline-based leaders

Program Structure:


Expert-led Educational Delivery and On-site Support for Launch

Following an Executive Kick-Off, leadership teams will spend the first three weeks with expert coaches of the SickKids Continuous Improvement Program on site. Identified teams will receive individualized instruction through real-time feedback and one-on-one coaching sessions embedded within their own work spaces and clinical practices. The remainder of the program will provide leadership teams with plans to transition to independent roll-out strategy and preparation for the remote phase of deployment.

Teaching Methods:


Remote Mentorship for Ongoing Quality Assurance

Following the deployment of the Continuous Improvement Program, the learning experience continues through the use of cloud software and telecommunications. SickKids experts will support leadership teams with activities designed to support ongoing quality assurance and measurement of metrics to support the implementation of daily continuous improvement processes. This experience is enriched through virtual attendance at a weekly debrief and coaching session with executive CIP alumni at SickKids, including directors, managers and frontline staff.

Program Schedule:


On Site Follow-up and Sustainability Support

SickKids expert coaching team will return on site to follow-up with deployment units and to provide support geared towards sustainability planning and organizational implementation of previously customized continuous improvement processes. Organizational leadership will review measurable data and consider implications on previously selected indicators related to patient care and patient experience.

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