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Needs Assessment Service

Through our Needs Assessment service, SickKids International provides short-term, systematic and highly detailed evaluations of current client practices as they might impact on the successful achievement of intended future objectives. Performed by SickKids experts, our needs assessments can assist in the identification of organizational gaps and highlight opportunities for improvement and change.

Drawing upon the fundamentals of SickKids’ globally recognized best practices, our SickKids International experts can provide organizations with options to help address identified gaps and to meet future goals, while also ensuring sustainability and self-sufficiency of all proposed change strategies through knowledge transfer and capacity building.

Areas of Focus

Clinical: Practices, Standards, Scope of Practice/Service, Policy
Research: Practices, Standards, Policies, Protocols
Education: Continuing Education Practices and Standards, Training Programs
Corporate: Governance, Strategy and Planning, including:

  • Leadership structure, practices and training, staff development
  • Quality and Performance: Best practices, standards, KPI, accreditation
  • Human Resource requirements: job requirements/descriptions, scopes of practice

What does SickKids International offer our Assessment Clients?

Strategy: identification and/or development of strategic plans, models and concepts geared to supporting client organization’s development and goals

Planning and Execution: long-term perspective that considers emerging trends in health care delivery, education, and changing technology from a global perspective; and shifting demographics and needs locally

Leadership and People: identify leadership development and education programs, customizable to current and future needs

Quality and Performance: benchmarking against top-tier standards, development of KPI/measures, with possibility to support international accreditation requirements

Innovation: facilitate new insights into thinking and applying clinical care practices

What does a Needs Assessment entail?

Detailed analysis of the current state – what is currently working and what is not

Detailed review of planned strategic objectives

SickKids International will conduct in-depth interviews with all key stakeholders, including:

  • External: Government, regulatory bodies, academia, partner organizations
  • Internal: Board, senior executives and management, department management and staff, internal partners

Development of a summary report of findings, with recommendations as to possible options and suggested best practices

Positioning of SickKids expertise to assist and support in the development and implementation of proposed action plans

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