Clinical and Remote Mentorship

How would you feel if you could secure expert faculty to meet with your staff on a monthly basis? Or provide live in-person coaching? How would your staff feel if you could make sure they had the right teacher, with the right information, at the right time?

You’d feel great! And so would your team. And the best part? Your patients would benefit most of all.

Clinical Mentorship

Our Clinical Mentorship service provides your learners with 1:1 in-person education support. Clinical Mentorship experiences transform knowledge from the classroom into patient care expertise. Our staff will work directly alongside your team in order to spark connections between what they’re learning and the patients they’re caring for.

Clinical mentorship works best along with classroom learning. Your staff can build on classroom knowledge while they work in their actual practice environments, caring for their actual patients.

Remote Mentorship

With remote mentorship, a SickKids team member meets every month with your staff to explore issues in patient care and practice. Remote mentorship occurs in real-time, over webcasting and video conference technology. Your leaders may request consultation based on a variety of topics, such as:

  • how to flow paediatric patients in the ED
  • adapting nursing care to meet international paediatric surgical standards
  • improving teamwork when caring for patients with chronic illnesses
  • how to mentor and coach new leaders
  • communicating with families in fast-paced environments

We know your organization faces its own unique set of challenges. At SickKids, we’re committed to sharing our best practices. Your team can select the relevant topic priorities for each remote session. Our team is always able to change upcoming content based on emerging trends that you feel need specific attention and support.

Remote Education Modules

We know you’re always looking for innovative ways to train your staff. How do we know? Because we’re always trying to do the same for our teams.

Continuing education can be delivered through video conferencing to train different groups in your organization. Your learners can receive this training through a series of modules customized to your organization. This content may include:

  • core competencies in paediatric nursing
  • advanced patient care in a variety of paediatric subspecialties
  • new technologies in point-of-care diagnostics
  • one-of-a-kind case studies in teamwork and collaboration
  • a library of practice cases, discussion topics and questions to stimulate critical thinking

SickKids is happy to deliver remote education to any members of your staff. You can archive these live-sessions after training, to repeat delivery to future groups. This way, you can be sure your staff will get the same expert-led education, time after time. Even better? You won’t have to worry about securing extra faculty resources, which can be expensive.

Before building your remote education program, our team will visit your organization for an assessment. Information from this trip will help inform and refine your modules and their contents. We’ll be sure that your program uses the best practices and standards for distance education. Based on what your staff need, your unique module program will cover a wide range of clinical topics. If hosting our team on site isn’t the best fit for your organization, our team can conduct a remote assessment of your needs, using video conferencing technology.

Our team will design all your education modules for introductory and advanced levels. These options ensure you can provide training that will always be ready to meet the diverse needs of your healthcare staff.

Expert faculty at your fingertips, with content that is customized, affordable, and easy to deliver time after time.

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For More Information, please contact:

Lara Pietrolungo, RN., MN
Director, International Education
Phone: 416-813-7602

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