Clinical Mentorship

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The Clinical Mentorship program offered through SickKids’ International Education portfolio, provides organizations and learners with individualized educational experiences, that transform knowledge from the classroom into patient care expertise.

Through clinical mentorship and coaching at the bedside, we provide our partners with customized educational experiences by sending our staff on international assignment. In order to maximize uptake of new knowledge, clinical mentorship works best along with classroom learning, while leveraging the strengths of our partners’ practice environment to result in transformative organizational change. Alternatively, clinical mentorship may be implemented to facilitate ongoing change management initiatives within our partners’ particular unit or department with a paediatric area of focus.

Clinical Mentorship Process

The Clinical Mentorship program is always customized to leverage local team strengths within the areas of development identified by our partner organizations. The program’s process is organized within the following phases, beginning with classroom delivery in local settings, and extending through to bedside mentorship within international organizations. These stages are presented below in a linear sequence; however, SickKids is committed to ensuring that all paediatric education will be tailored to our partners’ unique organizational contexts and learner needs.

  1. Delivery of Education 
    POCUS workshop_000014634775_CropSickKids works with international partners to develop, implement and evaluate collaborative continuing education programs tailored to the partners’ specific needs and organizational goals.
  2. Clinical Mentorship
    SickKids Clinical Mentors provide coaching and mentorship to healthcare professionals in their international practice environment, while supporting the application of classroom knowledge in patient care.
  3. Evaluation and Follow-up
    Clinical Mentors provide a summary of activities and staff progress. Upon their return to Toronto, Mentors remotely maintain formal coaching relationships with the partners.


Clinical Mentorship Outcomes

The outcomes of Clinical Mentorship will depend on the unique structure and design of educational initiatives implemented. Outcomes include (but are not limited to):

    • Integrate a continuous learning cycle that goes beyond classroom curriculum and supports the use of new knowledge in bedside patient care.
    • Empower healthcare professionals to apply new knowledge in their paediatric practice. This results in an enhancement of their skill, professional knowledge and team processes.
    • Support healthcare professionals to adapt classroom knowledge to local context through coaching by a Clinical Mentor. This leads to the earlier recognition of barriers to using knowledge; these barriers can then be addressed, as healthcare professionals are encouraged by mentors to implement interventions based on the unique context of their practice setting.
    • Ensure healthcare professionals evaluate the outcomes of their practice, and seek additional knowledge and expertise to further tailor their learning.
    • Deliver high-quality paediatric patient care through the sustained use of knowledge in the practice environment, and advance healthcare professional practice within the local, national and international context.

For More Information, please contact:

Lara Pietrolungo, RN., MN
Director, International Education
Phone: 416-813-7602

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