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We Offer Facilitation Services

SickKids International’s expert team is available to provide your organization with facilitation services. This service is geared towards clients who are seeking to develop strategy, address major issues, make key decisions, set priorities, clarify their vision and/or establish action plans. Our experienced facilitators will help bring out and focus the wisdom of the group, as they pursue the creation of something new or they seek to solve a problem.

What Does a SickKids International Facilitation Session Entail?

Understanding what our clients want to accomplish at a retreat, strategy session, or stakeholder meeting, and then showing the client how we can help is the key to success. To ensure that our facilitators meet the needs of the client, we follow a multi-step facilitation approach in designing each session, tailoring it to fit the client. Each process involves the following:

  • An initial consultation to help the client define the purpose and goals for the meeting.
  • A detailed facilitation outline including completion of any recommended pre-work in preparation for the services.
  • Facilitation of a guided session in-person, in-country with the client and their designated group, adapting the session as events unfold to ensure achievement of the desired goals and outcomes.
  • A meeting report capturing discussion points and action items is submitted following the session.
  • A debriefing with the client occurs following the report in order to ensure clarity and consistency between the session and the report.

What Does SickKids International Offer our Facilitation Clients?

Drawing upon the fundamentals of globally recognized best practices in group facilitation, our SickKids International experts will support clients with the following:

  • Help to clarify the goals for the planning session so that they are clear, concise, and achievable.
  • Design a tailored agenda and process that addresses specific needs and delivers desired outcomes
  • Ensure the session keeps the group “on task”, “on target”, and “on time”.
  • Recommend different approaches that can save time or produce better results.
  • Manage note taking and prepare a post-session meeting report documenting what was done and the action items that have been agreed to.
  • Give the executive in charge the freedom to focus on their participation, instead of trying to lead the facilitation while participating.
  • Guide the process and enhance results through neutrality and lack of bias.

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