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Through partnership and collaboration with Canadian and international partners, SickKids International strives to improve the health of children worldwide via the advancement of education and training, the enhancement of clinical practice standards, and the implementation of research support initiatives.

In order to meet the diverse needs of our international partners, SickKids International has developed a range of customizable service options:

Business Advisory Services

Through our Business Advisory Services portfolio, SickKids International provides tailored advisory services in the areas of care, education, and research. SickKids International’s team can assist your organization in assessing its current paediatric healthcare practices and then work with you to develop innovative, sustainable strategies that will allow your organization to achieve excellence in child health care.

Learn more about SickKids International’s Business Advisory Services.

International Education Services

Through our International Education Services portfolio, SickKids International develops and provides customized paediatric specialty education and training services to healthcare professionals and organizations around the world.

Learn more about SickKids International’s International Education Services.

Needs Assessment Service

Through our Needs Assessment Service, SickKids International provides short-term, systematic and highly detailed evaluations of current client practices. Drawing upon the expertise of our SickKids community, SickKids International can provide your organization with options to help address identified gaps so as to meet future goals.

Learn more about SickKids International’s Needs Assessment Service.

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