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Established in 2006, SickKids International (SKI) undertakes educational and advisory projects for international partners. Our goal is to build sustainable, integrated programs that will enhance measurable outcomes and improve efficiencies in the delivery of health care for children around the world. Our active international outreach is guided by the SickKids vision of Healthier Children. A Better World.

With access to an extensive range of skills and expertise across the spectrum of paediatric care, education and service delivery, SKI offers consultation, project management, advisory services and support in the following areas of focus specific to paediatrics:

  • Education and Training
  • Quality and Patient Safety
  • Child and Family-Centred Care
  • Program and Practice Development
  • Healthcare Operations and Facilities
  • System Integration

SickKids provides the highest level of complex care to paediatric patients from the greater Toronto area and across Canada and works in collaboration with healthcare organizations in more than 75 other countries for the betterment of child health. Our experience has provided us with a unique understanding of the needs of a diverse patient population and ideally positions us as advisors to the international healthcare community.

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At SickKids, we believe in a family-centred standard of care – one that focuses on the unique needs of each patient and family to ensure that they remain involved, educated and integral members of the healthcare team. Our team of inter-professional healthcare experts comes to us from more than 70 countries and includes the world’s foremost experts in a full range of paediatric specialties. We partner with other Canadian institutions in order to deliver a full range of services, as needed.

SickKids International is part of The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), and is located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, one of the world’s most culturally diverse cities. The Greater Toronto Area is home to more than five million people, nearly 46 per cent of whom are foreign-born. An estimated 163 languages and dialects are spoken in Toronto.

Centre for Global Child Health

SickKids also has a dedicated hub for global child health-focused activities dedicated to improving the lives of children and their families in resource-poor environments. For more information go to
The SickKids Centre for Global Child Health.

Healthier Children. A Better World.TM